Clinical Attachment:

is granted by the College Tutor based on the capacity of the Hospital and the Institutional policy in force at the time. Remember it is not something we can "give" at our will and pleasure.

Clinical attachments must be arranged between you and the hospital. The Royal College of Anaesthetists cannot assist in this process. Time spent in clinical attachments cannot be recognised towards UK training

Please do not ask me to arrange a Clinical Attachment for you. I will not be responding to any emails asking me to do this.

The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Clinical Attachment Honorary Contract is as follows:

I wish to offer you an Honorary Contract in ______ with Huddersfield NHS Trust from _________

The Contract is subject to the following provisions which are set out in HSG (95)30 and HC(91)18:

  1. As a Clinical Attachment, you must not in any circumstances:

a) initiate, alter or stop the treatment of a patient on your own diagnosis: both diagnosis and treatment must be confirmed by your Supervising Consultant

b) prescribe or request radiological examinations or other diagnostic investigations, or order blood to be cross matched. If you complete an order form for any of these purposes it must be signed by your supervising Consultant.

c) take part in obtaining or witnessing the signature, by, or on behalf of a patient on a form of consent to treatment

d) take a history from, examine or undertake a procedure on a patient unless his/her prior consent has been obtained.

You should note that a Clinical Attachment acting in an emergency, eg a cardiac arrest, has the same rights and responsibilities as any other citizen.

  1. Your supervising Consultant is : ______

  2. This contract allows you access to Postgraduate, Library and other research facilities operated by the Trust. In addition, you will have access to hospital records relevant to your area of work. The provision of literature searches, photocopying, postage and telephone costs, together with the use of research and development staff's time, will be subject to a payable fee, which will be determined by the Trust and notified to you upon request.

  3. This contract includes a legal obligation NOT to disclose information of a confidential nature concerning patients or employees, outside the accepted area of care. You are therefore required to comply with this responsibility. If you have any queries or concerns about the application of the Trust's rules on confidentiality,please discuss this with your supervising Consultant.

  4. The Trust accepts no responsibility for personal property lost or damaged on its premises by fire,theft or otherwise. You are advised to insure yourself as far as you think appropriate against risks.

  5. You are required to observe all Health and Safety Rules and Instructions on the Trust's premises. You have been issued with a Staff Handbook,which includes information on Health and Safety, and you should ensure that you are familiar with all of its contents. Additionally, your supervising Consultant will advise of any particular safety rules, pertaining to your specific area of work. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to bring to the immediate attention of your supervising Consultant, any aspect of your work or the conditions in which you work, which you consider may constitute a health or fire hazard.

  6. You are required, when on Trust's premises, to wear an identification badge at all times, other than in the staff residence.

  7. You must refuse to accept any gift, favour or hospitality which might be interpreted as seeking to exert influence or to obtain preferential treatment. You are also required to ensure that the interests of patients remain paramount at all times, and to be impartial and honest at all times.

Signed on behalf of the Trust

Signature: Name: Position: Date:

Acceptance of the above Honorary Contract

I can confirm that I have received and understood the Guidelines HSG(95)30 and the booklet attached to HC(91) 18.

Signature Name: Date:

To view the Handbook for Anaesthesia Trainees at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, click on this link: Handbook for Trainees

Some hospitals charge (one hospital in London charges £50/ per week) for doing a Clinical Attachment.

I am getting a lot of requests for Clinical Attachment by emails. Please don't think that I can get you Clinical Attachments. I can only give you guidance.

I will not be responding to any emails requesting me to arrange a Clinical Attachment or sponsorship.

One suggestion is to apply to the hospitals (College Tutors) that you can see through the SHO Jobs page, where they advertise for SHO posts in the BMJ.

Those wishing to apply for a Clinical Attachment to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, should write to the following address:

Becky Jackson Post Graduate Centre Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Huddersfield HD3 3EA UK

The College Tutor is Dr Julio Nunez