Before you proceed, please click on this link indi_go and go through the plight of doctors already in the UK. Jobs are not easy to get and you can get an idea of the competition from the requests for help.

If you have previous experience in Anaesthesia, and if you satisfy the Royal College of Anaesthetists' criteria, you could qualify for sponsorship by the RCA : see below.

If you have no previous experience in Anaesthesia, you can still seek a career in Anaesthesia in UK, but you will have to take the PLAB test and pass it. Please remember that passing PLAB is only the first step and does not guarantee a job in any way. There are innumerable doctors who are stuck after PLAB and are unable to get a job within 6 months.

Please be aware of this and do not be disappointed afterwards!

The GMC Flow chart shows the scheme and can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding links (in blue), on the flow chart below:

Registration flowchart

What type of registration can you apply for? Use the chart below to identify the appropriate route to registration for you. Click the highlighted text for further information.