Tips and Tricks!

Please see the Guidelines page, where most of the tips and tricks are already mentioned.

Go through the Primary FRCA syllabus and read books like the one by Smith & Aitkenhead (which describes Anaesthesia exactly as it is practised in the UK). My good friend in Australia tells me that usually the Anaesthesia Trainees there don't do a lot of unaccompanied theatre lists. In the UK, the RCA recommendation is that approximately 33% of the lists are accompanied i.e. under direct Consultant supervision. This in turn means that the rest will be solo lists (but Consultant advice and cover are available if required) and these lists give useful experience in communicating with patients and surgical colleagues. This also helps the trainees develop organisational skills and problem solving experience.

Practice talking and answering questions. Ask your teachers to conduct mock interviews and mock viva's. There is a lot of preparation involved and this in turn involves a lot of hard work for the sponsors (both in India and UK) and the sponsored.

 A lot of us don't do well in Interviews because we don't practice. It is a lot harder than we think!

Regarding the English Test, I have no personal experience. So speak to people who have actually taken the test. What I believe is that we, as a Nation, are good at written English and spoken English (having an accent does not mean we can't "speak" properly). Speaking well, is more about vocabulary and grammar and construction of sentences than a British accent (Natural or acquired) I strongly recommend making an effort at speaking to friends and colleagues in English and also listening to the Radio, especially group discussions. Very few in UK speak the classical BBC News kind of English. Preparation is the key to any exam of any nature, so be prepared!

CV writing

Click on the above link to go to some useful sites for tips on CV writing and one site on Interview technique

There is a newly formed Association called the British Association of Indian Anaesthetists (BAOIA)which has a Web Page for Anaesthesia Trainees. Click on this link to go to the BAOIA site!